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How can I use Planapple on my phone without a data connection?

Traveling overseas? Want to avoid those crazy-expensive international data roaming charges?

You can use Planapple’s mobile web site even when your phone or tablet’s data connection is turned off. Yep, you read that right—our mobile site actually downloads and keeps a copy of your trip on your phone, so you can use it offline.

But for this to work, you have to set it up before you go. (Or at least before you lose your data connection.) Here's how:

Before you go:

  1. On your mobile device, open your web browser to (notice the "/m/" on the end), and log into your Planapple account. Make sure you can see everything in your trip the way you expect.
    • On an iPhone or iPad, be sure to use Safari. (Apple doesn't allow other web browsers to create home screen shortcuts.)
    • The first time you load the mobile site, it may take 30 seconds (or even longer on slow connections), as Planapple downloads everything needed for offline use. Please be patient.
  2. Save your trip for offline use: Tap “Settings” at the bottom of Planapple Mobile, then tap “Save for Offline Use” and follow the instructions.
  3. For easy access, add an icon for Planapple Mobile to your device's home screen:
    • On an iPhone or iPad, tap the action button (it looks like an arrow pointing up out of a square), then choose "Add to Home Screen"
    • On Android, tap "..." at the top, then choose "Add to Home screen"

Now test it:

  • Put your phone in airplane mode (to simulate not having a data connection—make sure Wi-Fi is turned off, too)
  • On the home screen, tap the Planapple icon you created above
  • If you get a warning about “no connection”, just dismiss it—Planapple doesn’t need one
  • You should now be able to see all your trip info, even though you don't have a data connection

Our blog post introducing Planapple Mobile has more details and screenshots. (The offline stuff is near the end.)

By the way, check with your mobile carrier on exactly what phone settings you need to change to avoid international roaming charges. On some phones, it's pretty obscure, and mistakes can get expensive really fast.

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