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  1. Ad blockers can interfere with Planapple

  2. After TripIt import, times wrong in itinerary

  3. Blank page on iPhone

  4. Blocking third-party cookies breaks the Save Button

  5. Calendars don't seem to be syncing

  6. How can I add an email to my trip?

  7. How can I attach a document to my trip?

  8. How can I change the order of items in the notebook?

  9. How can I correct the time zones for an event?

  10. How can I delete a trip?

  11. How can I delete an item from my trip?

  12. How can I delete my Planapple account?

  13. How can I move an item to a different category?

  14. How can I move an item to a different trip?

  15. How can I reorder the destinations in my trip?

  16. How can I schedule an item for specific times or multiple days in the itinerary?

  17. How can I show items on the map?

  18. How can I use Planapple on my phone without a data connection?

  19. How do I get started planning my trip?

  20. How do I import my itinerary from TripIt?

  21. How do I uninstall the Save Button

  22. How much does Planapple cost?

  23. How to get the Planapple Save Button (bookmarking tool)

  24. I contributed, but am still getting asked to contribute

  25. I forgot my password

  26. I forgot my username (or how I signed up)

  27. I never got a response from Planapple support

  28. Not receiving Planapple mail forwarded through Hotmail or

  29. Planapple Mobile does not work with private browsing

  30. Save Button error: "Forbidden (403) CSRF verification failed"

  31. Save Button repeatedly asks you to sign in

  32. Setting up the Planapple Save Button for phones and tablets

  33. What happened to Twitter login?

  34. When I print my trip, what's included?

  35. Where can I download the Planapple Mobile app?

  36. Why am I not getting notified when tripmates update the trip?

  37. Why are emails I send to not showing up in my trip?

  38. Why are tripmates not receiving my invitations?

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