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  1. "Download is not a CRX" trying to install Save Button in Chrome

  2. Ad blockers can interfere with Planapple

  3. After TripIt import, times wrong in itinerary

  4. Blank page on iPhone

  5. Blocking third-party cookies breaks the Save Button

  6. Calendars don't seem to be syncing

  7. How can I add an email to my trip?

  8. How can I attach a document to my trip?

  9. How can I change the order of items in the notebook?

  10. How can I correct the time zones for an event?

  11. How can I delete a trip?

  12. How can I delete an item from my trip?

  13. How can I delete my Planapple account?

  14. How can I move an item to a different category?

  15. How can I move an item to a different trip?

  16. How can I reorder the destinations in my trip?

  17. How can I schedule an item for specific times or multiple days in the itinerary?

  18. How can I show items on the map?

  19. How can I use Planapple on my phone without a data connection?

  20. How do I get started planning my trip?

  21. How do I import my itinerary from TripIt?

  22. How do I uninstall the Save Button

  23. How much does Planapple cost?

  24. How to get the Planapple Save Button (bookmarking tool)

  25. I contributed, but am still getting asked to contribute

  26. I forgot my password

  27. I forgot my username (or how I signed up)

  28. I never got a response from Planapple support

  29. Not receiving Planapple mail forwarded through Hotmail or

  30. Planapple Mobile does not work with private browsing

  31. Save Button error: "Forbidden (403) CSRF verification failed"

  32. Save Button repeatedly asks you to sign in

  33. Setting up the Planapple Save Button for phones and tablets

  34. When I print my trip, what's included?

  35. Where can I download the Planapple Mobile app?

  36. Why am I not getting notified when tripmates update the trip?

  37. Why are the emails I send to not showing up in my trip?

  38. Why are tripmates not receiving my invitations?

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