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Why am I not getting notified when tripmates update the trip?

Planapple usually sends you an email message shortly after tripmates add comments or update your trip. If you're not receiving these notifications, here are some things to check…

Check your spam folder

The update emails may be going to your Spam or Junk Email folder. They'll have the subject "Updates to your trip" with the name of your trip.

If you find them in your spam folder, be sure to click "not spam" or "never block this sender" in your email app, to teach it you want to receive future trip update emails from Planapple.

Make sure your email is verified with Planapple

To prevent unwanted email, Planapple will not send messages to unverified email addresses. You should have received a "please activate your account" email shortly after signing up for Planapple. If you didn't click the "Activate" button in that message, we won't send any further email to you (including trip update notifications).

You can check your email is verified in your Planapple account email settings. If you don't see "verified" next to your address, click the "resend verification email" link to get a new activation email, and then be sure to click the "Activate" button once you receive that message.

The verification email may take a few minutes to arrive. If you don't receive it, check your spam folder (and click "not spam" if that's where you find it). If it's not there, double check you entered your email address correctly in Planapple. Typos are surprisingly common.

Check your notification settings

Planapple has several options for how often you want to receive update notifications. Check your Planapple account notification settings to see what you are using. If "when tripmates change my trips" is set to "never," you won't receive any notification emails.

To avoid excessive email, Planapple normally groups together multiple updates and emails you at most once an hour. (So there may be a delay of up to an hour after a tripmate updates a trip before you receive notification of that change.) You can change this to five minutes, or even "immediately" if you want to receive notifications right away.

Or if you want fewer notifications, you can change the setting to after three hours, once a day, or even once a week.

Other possibilities

Planapple doesn't notify you about changes you make to your own trip, so you won't receive update emails unless some other tripmate is also updating the trip.

We take spam very seriously. If you have ever reported a message from Planapple as spam, we will not send to that email address again. (If you mark a message spam by mistake, you can usually undo it within a few minutes without any trouble. But once the spam is reported to us, we'll be unable to allow further use of that email address, and you'll need to add a different email to your Planapple account to receive notifications.)

If none of this solves the problem, please contact us from the account that's not receiving updates, and we'll try to help figure it out.

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