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How can I show items on the map?

Planapple maps the items in your notebook whenever it knows their locations.

Planapple automatically figures out the location when:
  • You use the "Add Place" option at the top of the notebook page, and choose one of the search suggestions from that list.
  • You use the Planapple Save Button on popular travel sites where we're able to identify the place's street address from the page.
To get other notebook items on the map, you can add their locations:

  1. Go into the item's details page, then click the orange Edit Location link.
  2. Edit the item's name so you can find the right match in the suggestions list. (Tip: remove things like "on" from the end of the name to help get a match.) 
    OR if you know the address, just enter it in the address box.
  3. Click Done.
Tip: if the place doesn't have a street address, you can paste its decimal latitude, longitude location into the address box. (E.g., "22.0346,-159.3789".)

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