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Where can I download the Planapple Mobile app?

Taking your Planapple plans on your phone or tablet is easy. We have a special mobile version of Planapple that runs directly in your phone's web browser—even offline! There's nothing to install, and you always have our latest features and improvements, automatically.

To get Planapple Mobile on your iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet, open your mobile device's web browser to (notice the "/m/" at the end of the link) and log in as usual.

You can make an icon for Planapple on your phone's home screen for easy access later (and offline use). While you're looking at your trip on your phone:
  • On an iPhone or iPad, tap the action button (it looks like an arrow pointing up out of a square), then choose "Add to Home Screen". (Apple only allows this from Safari, not Firefox or Chrome.)
  • On Android, tap the "..." button at top right and then choose "Add to Home screen"

Even though it runs in your phone's web browser, you can use Planapple Mobile without a data connection. More information in this article.

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