Where can I download the Planapple Mobile app?

Getting Planapple on your phone is easy. Don't look for our mobile app in the App Store or Google Play. We deliver Planapple directly in your phone's web browser (with nothing to install!), so that you can always have our latest features and improvements, automatically.

To get Planapple on your iPhone or Android phone, either:

  • On your computer, go to your trip page and click "Send to Phone" on the left side. Enter your mobile number, and Planapple will SMS you a special link to your trip. Just tap that link on your phone.
- OR -
  • On your phone, open your web browser app and go to www.planapple.com/m/. Sign into your Planapple account and you're ready to go.
Either way, you'll also want to make an icon for Planapple on your phone's home screen for easy access later (and offline use). While you're looking at your trip on your phone:
  • On an iPhone, tap the action button at the bottom (it looks like an arrow coming out of a rectangle), then tap "Add to Home Screen"
  • On Android, press the phone's menu button, tap "More", and then tap "Add shortcut to Home"

Even though it runs in your phone's web browser, you can use Planapple Mobile without a data connection. More information in this article.

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