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Why are tripmates not receiving my invitations?

To help prevent spam, Planapple sometimes limits the number of invitations that can be sent.

To ensure your invitations get sent to your tripmates, please:
  • Make sure you verify your own email address before inviting others. If you didn't click the "activate your account" email after you first signed up for Planapple, go to your Planapple email settings to verify your email.
  • Invite only people you know, and who are expecting to plan a trip with you. (Planapple invitations cannot be used for commercial solicitation.)
  • Send a few invitations at a time, and make sure the recipients accept the invitations. Once tripmates have joined the trip, you'll be able to invite more people. (Lots of unanswered invitations can make it seem like you might be sending unwanted email.)
  • Double-check you have the correct email address for everyone you're trying to invite. (Invalid email addresses can make it seem like you might be trying to send spam.)
  • Send only one invite per person. If a tripmate has multiple email addresses, don't send to all of them.
Finally, if tripmates haven't received their invitations, remind them to check their spam or junk mail folders. (And if that's where an invitation ended up, be sure they mark it "not spam" so they can receive later updates about your trip.)

You can review a trip's invitations by clicking the orange EDIT TRIP link below your trip's name, and then checking the Who's Going tab.

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