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Why are emails I send to not showing up in my trip?

There are a few reasons why Planapple might not accept a forwarded email for your trip.

First, make sure you're forwarding to (Not share@.)

Planapple looks at the email's From address to match it to your account, so:

  • You'll need to forward from your own email address. (It won't work to enter directly into hotel or airline site's "email me" form. Instead, email the details to yourself first, and then forward them to Planapple.)
  • Planapple only accepts forwards from verified email addresses. If you clicked our "please activate your account" email when you signed up for Planapple, you're all set. If not, go to your Planapple email settings and click “resend verification email.” Then click the verify button once you receive it (or check your spam folder if you don't).
  • The From address you use must exactly match an email address verified for your Planapple account. (If you signed up using your home email, Planapple won't recognize messages from your work email unless you add it.) You can add and verify additional email addresses in your Planapple email settings.
  • Similarly, if your email provider lets you add extra dots or +tags to your address, make sure you're forwarding from the variation you used with Planapple. (Planapple thinks that "" and "" and "" are all different email addresses.)
  • If you used your exact same email address for more than one Planapple account (this is extremely rare, but it happens), save@ won't work from that address. Planapple can't figure out which account you mean, so it just ignores those emails entirely. If you think you're in this situation, use the Contact Support link to get in touch, and we'll try to help you sort it out.

If you have more than one trip, Planapple adds forwarded emails to your current trip—the last trip you worked with before forwarding the message. Use the "My Trips" menu at the top of the Planapple trip page to change trips.

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