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Save Button error: "Forbidden (403) CSRF verification failed"

Problem: you're trying to use the Planapple Save Button (browser extension), and when it asks you to sign in you get the error message "Forbidden (403) CSRF verification failed."

If you go directly to and sign in there, the web site works fine. You only see this problem trying to use the Planapple Save Button while on some other web site.

Cause: you may have set your browser to block "third-party cookies".

Solution: allow third-party cookies for Either:

Un-check the "Block third-party cookies and site data" checkbox in your browser's privacy/content settings/cookie settings preferences


If you want to leave third-party cookies blocked for most sites, then add an exception that allows them for *

Explanation: We use cookies to help protect the security of your Planapple account when your browser is communicating with When you use the Save Button, Planapple needs to load our save dialog into the web page you're trying to save. Your browser treats that as "third-party" content, and if you've blocked third-party cookies, then Planapple can't properly receive the security cookie from your browser.

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