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How can I attach a document to my trip?

Although Planapple doesn't offer file uploads, there are a few other ways to associate documents like booking confirmations with your trip:
  • Email to
  • Copy and paste (formatted) text notes
  • Link to cloud docs from your Planapple trip


You can forward email messages to, and the contents of the email message will become an item in your notebook. You can forward from any email address you've validated with Planapple (see email troubleshooting for more info).

Note that this only works for the main email itself. Planapple ignores email attachments like PDF files. (Try one of the options below for those.)

The contents of emails you save to Planapple (but not their attachments) will print with your trip, and are loaded into Planapple's mobile app for offline access.

Copy and Paste

You can paste formatted text into items in your Planapple notebook. From the top of the notebook page, click Add ... Note, and paste the text into the description area. Or go into an existing item's details page and "click to add a description or note" under the title.

This can work well for copying things like text directions from a PDF file or Word document, a small pricing table from a spreadsheet, or part of a confirmation web page from your hotel. But it doesn't handle images.

Text you paste into a notebook item will print with your trip and will be loaded into Planapple's mobile app for offline access.

Cloud Docs

You can link documents from Google Drive, Office 365/OneDrive, DropBox, or other cloud services into your Planapple trip. This can include documents you create directly in the cloud service (like a Google Sheet with your budget) or other documents you've uploaded (like a PDF file with a hiking map).

From the cloud service, use the "share a link" feature to get a link to your document. Then in your Planapple notebook, click Add ... Web Page at the top, and paste in the link. This will let you easily access the cloud doc from a link in your Planapple notebook.

Unlike the other two options, Planapple won't print linked cloud docs with your trip. And Planapple itself can't store these docs for offline mobile access (though your cloud service's own app probably can).

If you're planning a trip with others and you want them to be able to see linked cloud docs, be sure to give your tripmates permission to those docs in your cloud service. (Planapple can't do that for you.)

What about "real" attachments?
If attachments in Planapple are important to you, you can vote for this feature idea in our product suggestions forum.

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