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Blocking third-party cookies breaks the Save Button

If your web browser is set to block third-party cookies, Planapple's Save Button won't work properly. It may repeatedly ask you to login, or fail to save items into your trip.

To use the Planapple Save Button, you'll need to tell your browser to allow third-party cookies:

  • Chrome: In the three-dots menu at top right, choose Settings. Search the settings for "content settings" and click Content settings... near the bottom of the results. Click Cookies. Then either turn off "Block third-party cookies" OR add "[*]" in the Allow section. Finally close the settings. [more Chrome help]

  • Firefox: Under Preferences > Privacy & Security, clear the check mark for "Third-Party Cookies" OR make sure it is set to "Trackers (recommended)" OR add an exception to always allow [more Firefox help]

  • Microsoft Edge: Click the three-dots at top right and choose Settings. Scroll down and click View advanced settings. Scroll down, and under Cookies choose "Don't block cookies". (Unfortunately, Edge does not have a way to change this on a per-site basis.)

  • Safari version 12: Under Preferences > Privacy > Website tracking clear the check mark by "Prevent cross-site tracking". (Unfortunately, Safari 12 does not have a way to change this on a per-site basis.)

  • Safari version 11 and earlier: Under Preferences > Privacy > Cookies... choose "Allow from websites I visit" or "Always allow" [more Safari help]

If this doesn't solve the problem, you may have installed a privacy extension (browser add-on) that affects cookies, or you may be running security software that blocks cookies. If you're using one of these, please check their instructions to find out how to allow third-party cookies.

Why does the Save Button need third-party cookies?

Planapple uses browser cookies to identify your account. When you use the Save Button, Planapple loads our save dialog into the web page you're trying to save. Your browser treats the save dialog as "third-party" content, and if you've blocked third-party cookies, Planapple won't receive the account cookie from your browser.

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