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Ad blockers can interfere with Planapple

If parts of the Planapple site look odd or don't seem to be loading, this could be caused by ad blocker or privacy manager software you have installed.

If you are seeing odd behavior in Planapple, we suggest you temporarily disable your ad blocker and reload Planapple. If that solves the issue, you may be able to add to your ad blocker's "whitelist" before re-enabling the ad blocker.

Ad blockers work by preventing parts of a site from loading. If your ad blocker guesses wrong about what it should block, it can break parts of a site that aren't actually ads.

Because of the large variety of ad blockers, and the nearly infinite ways of configuring the filtering rules that drive them, we're not really able to help with ad blockers that aren't compatible with Planapple. We suggest contacting your ad blocker's vendor for more assistance.

(Note: Planapple doesn't actually include any ads, except where Google requires them alongside our Google-powered idea search. So we don't mind if you want to use an ad blocker. We're just not able to spend our time testing or fixing any problems they cause.)

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