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When I print my trip, what's included?

Planapple has a few options for printing your travel plans:

Use the checkboxes to change what will be included in your printout.

Itinerary is a compact, day-by-day list of items you've scheduled in Planapple's itinerary. If an item is scheduled for multiple days (like a hotel stay), it will be listed in all of them, with contact summary info included on the first scheduled day only.

Notebook item lists are similar to Planapple's notebook tabs, and list all of the items you've collected in your plans, scheduled or not. Items are grouped together by destination (notebook), then by category (lodging, dining, etc.) within each notebook, and then sorted by name alphabetically within each category. The lists include contact summary info for each item.

Item details includes all of the info you've collected for each item—like clicking into it within Planapple. The "Order" setting controls how the details are sorted:
  • Itinerary, unscheduled items at end: details are in the same order as in the itinerary section, followed by details for any unscheduled items alphabetically by name at the end.
  • Itinerary, scheduled items only: like above, omits details for items not in your itinerary.
  • Notebook, category, name: details are in the same order as in the notebook item lists sections.
  • Name A-Z: details for all the items in your trip, across all destination notebooks and categories, are sorted together alphabetically by name.
To save paper, you can clear the checkboxes for item detail Maps, Pictures, and Discussions if you don't find those helpful.

The Start a new page for each item checkbox can be handy if you are saving to PDF, or if you want to use your system's "page range" print dialog setting to only print detail pages for particular items.

Tip: when you click Print, Planapple will open a new browser tab with the print view of your trip. You can preview the printout there, and cancel if you want to make changes before printing. Just close the new tab to return to your trip.

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