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I never got a response from Planapple support

Within a few minutes after you submit a question to Planapple, you should receive an automated email response from our support system.

If you didn't get the automated response, please:
  • Check your spam or junk email folder. If you find our response there, be sure to click the "not spam" button to teach your email program that you want to receive support answers from Planapple.
  • Double-check the primary email address in your Planapple account settings. If there's a typo in your email address, our replies won't get to you. (Typos are surprisingly common. Maybe check it one more time, just to be certain. Thanks.)
We try to respond to support requests within about one business day, our time. (We're in San Francisco in the USA, so we might not be awake at the same times as you, or have the same holidays.)

If you haven't heard back from us after that time, please check your spam folder again. (Really, that's probably where our response ended up.) And if you still haven't heard from us and need to submit another support request, please include an alternate email or Twitter account where we can contact you.

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