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Blank page on iPhone

If you are trying to open Planapple's mobile site on your iPhone, but only seeing a blank page, here are some things to check:
  1. Planapple mobile does not work in Safari's "private browsing mode" (with the dark-gray controls at the top of the screen). Planapple requires offline storage, so that you can access your trip without a data connection, but Safari does not allow this "local storage" in private mode. Follow Apple's instructions to turn private browsing off while you are using Planapple.
  2. If you are on a slow connection, Planapple mobile could take as much as a few minutes to load the first time, while it asks Safari to load everything needed to let Planapple run later without a mobile data connection. Please be patient; it will load much faster after the first time. (We suggest using a WiFi connection the first time you visit Planapple mobile, if possible, to make this faster.)
  3. If after a few minutes, you're still seeing a blank page, please try going directly to in your phone's web browser (rather than following the SMS link). You will need to sign in on your phone just like at the main Planapple web site.
  4. If you have installed any ad blockers for your mobile web browser, these could be interfering with Planapple loading. If so, you may need to disable the ad blocker with Planapple. (Planapple mobile does not contain any ads.) See Ad blockers can interfere with Planapple.
  5. Planapple mobile is tested to work with Safari's default settings. If you have changed any security settings, these could be interfering with Planapple. In particular, in the Safari settings, Planapple requires "Block Cookies" to be at least "Allow from Websites I Visit" (Apple's default) or "Always Allow", and "JavaScript" to be enabled (under Advanced settings; again, this is Apple's default).

If none of those suggestions help, it's possible an incomplete version of Planapple mobile got "stuck" in your browser somehow. If so, clearing Safari's website data will fix this:
  1. From your phone's home screen, tap Settings > Safari > Clear History and Website Data, and then confirm "Clear" when it asks you. (Note: this will log you out of all websites on your iPhone, not just Planapple.)
  2. Then go back into Safari and enter as the website name at the top (notice the "/m/" for mobile at the end). Then you'll need to tap "Sign In", enter your Planapple username and password, and tap the "Sign In" button at the top right. After that, you may need to wait up to a minute for it to load.
And if that doesn't solve the problem, our apologies -- please contact us. It will help if you can tell us the model and OS version of your iPhone, whether you're using Safari or some other web browser, and if you're on a mobile (cellular) connection who your mobile carrier is, or if you're on a WiFi connection who your internet provider is.

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