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Calendars don't seem to be syncing

Problem: Changes to events in your Planapple itinerary don't seem to be appearing in your synced calendar app OR changes you make in TripIt don't seem to be appearing in your Planapple itinerary.

Solution: Calendar syncing is not immediate. You may need to wait from 15 minutes to up to 24 hours for changes to appear, depending on the app or service you're syncing with:

Syncing Planapple's itinerary into other calendar apps

When you make changes in Planapple, we update the published calendar feed within 5 minutes. But after that, your calendar app has to check with Planapple to get the changes, and some calendar apps don't check very often:
  • Google Calendar only checks for calendar updates once or twice a day (and Google doesn't seem to have a way to change this). If you are using Google Calendar, please wait a full day for your synced calendar to update.
  • iOS Calendar allows you to control the "fetch" schedule in calendar settings. You can also pull-to-refresh to fetch all your subscribed calendars immediately.
  • Mac Calendar lets you control the "auto-refresh" schedule in its settings.
  • Outlook lets you adjust the "auto send/receive" schedule for the calendar in its send/receive settings. You can also click "Send/Receive" to fetch the latest calendar immediately.
Syncing TripIt's itinerary into Planapple

Planapple checks with TripIt for changes to your TripIt itinerary each time you load your trip page in your web browser. You can force an immediate check with your browser's reload button. (The process of updating your Planapple itinerary will take about 30 seconds after that.)

However, TripIt sometimes waits 15 minutes to 3 hours or more to update your published calendar feed when you make a change in TripIt. Planapple won't see the changes until TripIt has published them. If changes from TripIt haven't appeared in Planapple, please wait a few hours, then reload your Planapple trip page.

Note: we recommend against using the little "recycle" button in TripIt's settings. This button actually creates a whole new TripIt itinerary feed, with a new URL, and destroys the previous one. If you use the recycle button, you'll need to update the TripIt webcal URL in Planapple and every other calendar app you use with TripIt.

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